RAE Systems Delivers Industry’s First Integrated Wireless Solution for Portable Gas Monitors

EchoView Host Mini-Controller with portable wireless monitors enables faster incident response to elevate worker safety
A firefighter uses the EchoView Host Mini-Controller to remotely monitor the readings and alarm status of team members’ monitors

San Jose, Calif. – August 23, 2011 – RAE Systems, Inc. today announced a complete wireless solution for portable gas monitors – featuring its new EchoView Host Mini-Controller and ToxiRAE Pro family of wireless single-gas instruments. The integrated solution elevates worker and responder safety while giving supervisors and commanders instantaneous visibility of threat data and ability to respond faster in case of an incident.

The new self-contained, closed-loop wireless solution gives safety officers real-time remote access to the gas-monitor readings and alarm status of workers and responders at the scene. The solution is certified as intrinsically safe for Class I, Division 1 (CSA) and Zone 1 (ATEX, IECEx) hazardous atmospheres and is an optimal choice for fire service, hazardous materials response, refinery turnarounds and shutdowns, and other industrial applications.

“Safety officers outside the immediate incident area can now have the same real-time visibility as those in the ‘hot zone.’ This can speed response times and, ultimately, help save lives,” said Thomas Nègre, RAE Systems’ vice president of products and marketing. “RAE Systems continues to take safety to the next level by building on our portfolio of reliable, life-saving wireless solutions.”

EchoView Host
The EchoView Host Mini-Controller represents the foundation of RAE Systems’ closed-loop wireless solutions for portable gas monitors. It’s a rugged handheld controller that can establish a self-contained network with up to eight compatible RAE Systems’ ToxiRAE Pro wireless monitors, and display their gas-concentration readings and alarm status in real time on an easy-to-read screen. Additionally, RAE Systems’ Mesh Routers can enhance the flexibility of the closed-loop wireless solution and extend the range between the EchoView Host and the gas monitors it supports from 330 feet (or 100 meters) up to 0.6 miles (or about 1 kilometer).

ToxiRAE Pro Monitors
ToxiRAE Pro wireless single-gas monitors represent the broadest portfolio of single-gas instruments in the industry and the first to provide wireless functionality in a personal gas monitor. The ToxiRAE Pro family includes the ToxiRAE Pro PID for volatile organic compounds, the ToxiRAE Pro for toxic gases and oxygen, and the ToxiRAE Pro LEL for combustible gases and vapors. The instruments’ five-way local and remote wireless alarm notification system provide first responders, workers and contractors with loud and clear alerts if the atmosphere becomes hazardous. At the same time, safety managers using the EchoView Host mini-controller can simultaneously receive a remote alarm to dispatch help quicker than ever before.

EchoView and ToxiRAE Pro Availability
Wireless versions of RAE Systems’ ToxiRAE Pro family of wireless personal gas monitors, the EchoView Host Mini-Controller for closed-loop wireless solutions, and the Mesh Router, all sold separately, are available now from authorized RAE Systems’ distributors. To locate a distributor, click HERE.

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  1. To download information on the new ToxiRAE Pro and EchoView, click HERE
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